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Strategies for the ears

Sound moves us like no other form of communication.

Our ears send signals directly to our brains, making them the fastest gateway to our heads and hearts.

The power of audio can be used to tell stories, ignite emotions and intensify moods.

Audible communication is intrinsically linked to who we are as a species.

For as long as we've been around, we've exchanged information through sound.

Today voice technology lets us interact with devices and content in the most intuitive way, simply by using our voice and ears.

We believe this evolution is changing the way we live.

And it redefines the way brands communicate with audiences.

Airborne helps brands claim their position in this brave new audible world.

We help them find their unique sound to tell the stories that matter.

Through our deep understanding of audible communication we can create the ultimate messages for the ears.

Messages that connect, engage and activate.

Through the ears.

Into the heart.


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Meet Airborne

Connecting brands to audiences through audio

Airborne is an audio agency. We help brands find their own sound, connecting them with the right audiences by making content that matters. That can be spoken word, music or other forms of sound. We are storytellers by nature. We create content people actually want to listen to, that is consistent in every form and supports brand objectives. With a digital DNA and a strategic mindset, we also know how to find the right audiences. Our work is nationally and internationally awarded.

Meet Airborne

Our belief

Engaging & highly relevant

The future is audio. In the lives of consumers audio is playing an increasingly important role. Brands that want to stay on top of mind of their audiences must be present in this new domain. Audible communication is intrinsically linked to who we are as a species. New technologies give a whole new perspective to the way we interact with content and devices. Podcasts and smart speakers allow brands to be highly relevant with inspiring content, in a more intimate way than any other medium can do. This creates great and totally new opportunities to get in touch with audiences.

Our clients

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What we do

Our services

.Audio Branding

We ensure that brands sound consistent through all channels and on all devices. A recognizable, audible identity should be part of every brand guide. We create Audio Branding and distinctive earcons that help consumers to identify a brand in just seconds.

.Branded Podcasts

This long-form audio content allows brands to engage with audiences like no other medium can. We help brands to find their own voice by developing effective formats. Podcasts that add value to the brand and are loved by listeners.

.Smart Audio Content

Smart audio content can be accessed through Virtual Assistants in smart speakers, phones, cars, and other devices. We create formats from 30 seconds to 15 minutes, allowing brand’s voices to be heard in relevant environments at the right time.


On-demand environments like podcasts, and smart audio ask for another way of advertising. Pushy call to actions don’t work anymore. We help brands to create audiovertising: relevant for listeners, and most importantly, extremely effective.

.Audio Experiences

We develop audio to enriche or create experiences. Think of binaural recording, AR, VR and 360 spatial sound for audio-tours, soundscapes, UX and product design or content that add an extra layer to the use of a product. Accessible through personal devices or limited to a specific location.

.Virtual Assistant

We are on the verge of a big change in the way we interact with technology. More and more, virtual assistants will be our first point of contact, just by talking. The output will often be audio. We help companies investigate how they should respond to these new touchpoints.



Airborne is part of the Born05 Group. From strategy to design, from distribution to analytics: we have access to a wide range of expertise. Airborne is founded by audiophiles Michiel Cremers and Marvin Jacobs.

Michiel Cremers

Managing Director

Michiel has been on stage and in the boardroom. For more than 10 years he has been helping global brands to sound better.

Marvin Jacobs

Creative Director

Marvin lives with a headphone on, listening to podcasts. From the beginning of his career, he is obsessed with the craft of telling great stories.

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