Audio agency Airborne

Through the ears, into the heart.

“At Airborne we help brands to find their own sound. We believe that audio allows brands to connect with their audiences in an unprecedentedly powerful way. We develop inspiring podcasts and smart voice concepts. Relevant, effective, and with content that matters.”

Marvin Jacobs

Creative Director Airborne

The future is audio.

Audio plays an increasingly important role in our daily media consumption: the Dutch spend an average of almost 3.5 hours a day listening - and a similar trend can be seen elsewhere in the world. The fast-growing use of smart speakers, 'hearables', and audio streaming services are all part of this development - just like the enormous popularity of podcasts. In the Netherlands one-third of the population now listens to podcasts, and other markets even show higher percentages. And that's just the beginning. This gives brands unprecedented opportunities: audio is more personal and intimate than any other medium. With thought through formats and distinctive content, brands can build valuable relationships with their audiences.

Way of working.

Every brand has goals and ambitions. Before we enter the studio we map out why we tell which story and what is the most suitable format. With a fine-grained distribution strategy, we then find the listeners for whom we make this.

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