De Buitendienst

Discover the most special beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands by putting on your headphones.


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In the spring of 2020, the Dutch were called upon to stay indoors as much as possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a consequence, also Dutch nature was suddenly far away and unreachable. The national touring club ANWB launched De Buitendienst ('The Field Service'). This audio experience brings the experience of nature into the homes of listeners, with just the sound of the most beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands.


In the spring of 2020, everyone was called upon to stay at home as much as possible, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Natural areas also had to be avoided as much as possible. ANWB was looking for a way to play a significant role in this sudden crisis. In a relevant, valuable way and in line with what the brand stands for: helpful, modest and as an expert on the most beautiful places in the Netherlands.

Big Idea.

Everyone knows how peaceful nature can be. Sound plays a major role in this: the song of birds, the surf of the sea, and the rustle of leaves. The Buitendienst ('The Field Service') was offered as a podcast to make the audio experience accessible to a wide audience. In each episode listeners are taken to a different nature reserve in the Netherlands. The relaxing nature sounds from one specific location can be listened to for a full hour. In this way, ANWB does what is embedded in its DNA: helping people as best as possible from the expertise that the organization has.


From the moment of its launch, De Buitendienst has been high in the podcast charts for months, within the Places & Travel category. Besides, the podcast allowed ANWB the opportunity to be present within a new environment and through new channels. It generated lots of free publicity, which gave ANWB the opportunity to show not only what it stands for as a brand, but also its modern, innovative character. And, perhaps more importantly, both members and non-members of the ANWB gave positive feedback on the concept.

From wild boars to buzzing insects

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Since its launch, De Buitendienst has been at the first place for months (category Places & Travel)


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The field service is rated with an average of 5 stars

Bring in outside

Take it easy on this. Outside noise on my ears while working inside.

Like I'm on the beach.

Wonderful as if I am walking on the beach or sitting on the beach. Well done ANWB!

The Field Service

Topnotch, surprisingly made by ANWB: wonderful free sounds, pure nature, the sea, the wind & the gulls, caught on our most beautiful world heritage site.