Airborne is a unique audio agency that combines strategic brand thinking with dedicated craftsmanship. We develop audio formats on behalf of great brands. High-quality productions that engage listeners and on the other hand contribute to brand objectives. With our extensive knowledge of audio, we have the expertise on how to make a real connection with listeners - through the ears, into the heart.

What we do.

  1. Original podcasts

    Podcast is a medium with unique characteristics. Online you have to fight for every second of attention, but podcasts have the power to captive listeners for a significantly longer time. With surprising formats and inspiring stories, an original podcast can add an extra dimension to a brand.

  2. Voice

    Via smart speakers and virtual assistants, we have lightning-fast access to every thinkable form of auditory content with our voice. We help brands to be present in this interactive environment with voice concepts that are relevant and strengthen the brand.

  3. Media & Distribution

    At Airborne, we have built up expertise about the audio landscape and how to connect with listeners. Besides, we advise companies and organizations on the role of audio in their marketing and communication strategies.

Who we are.

  1. Part of Ace

    Airborne was founded within Ace in 2018. This gives us access to a wide range of online expertise, from strategy to design and from social media to distribution. At Airborne we focus specifically on voice and audio, but what binds us with our 125 colleagues within Ace is a digital DNA and the creativity to connect brands with their audience.

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  2. Creative Director Marvin Jacobs

    Marvin Jacobs has been expressing his love for audio and podcasts for years. Through interviews, as a speaker at events, and as a regular columnist for MarketingTribune and news site LINDA, among others. In 2019, he was awarded as Marketer of the Year. He is the creative driving force behind Airborne and responsible for several award-winning projects, such as The Journey of KLM.

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How we work.

We help brands develop successful audio formats. Whether these are compact projects or high-end productions, we oversee the entire process: from the first idea to the measuring of results.

  1. 1. Strategy

    As a brand, you develop content for a reason. In the strategy phase, we look at the communication and brand objectives the project must contribute to - and what the most effective approach is to do so.

  2. 2. Concept

    After the first phase of analyzing, it is time for the right hemisphere of the brain: within the strategic framework, we develop a format that makes optimal use of the medium and, on the other hand, that people want to listen to.

  3. Production

    From the writing of an engaging script to fine-tuning the sound design: in production, every step affects the final result. With our experience, we know what works - and what doesn't.

  4. 4. Distribution

    The Born05 Group has over 15 years of experience in reaching specific target groups online. With this expertise, we know where to find the listeners for podcasts and voice applications.

  5. 5. Evaluation

    Are we getting the results we wanted to achieve? On the basis of analytics and detailed reports, we look at what can be improved and how we can increase successes.


Our work does not go unnoticed: our productions are regularly awarded at home and abroad.